Avanti was founded in 2010 on the idea that powerful business software should be more accessible and affordable for small businesses. It was based on the understanding that for fast-growing small businesses basic accounting software just doesn't cut the mustard. They need a functionally rich all-in-one solution that works for them in the real-world, yet without the complexity and expense of traditional mid-level ERP systems.

With this mission, in 2011 founder Gareth Connor, working out of his front bedroom, launched Avanti. It started as quite a simple offering but the direction was set.

Original Avanti logo from 2010
Avanti is an Italian word for "forward"

From these humble beginnings, we've developed the product into a comprehensive and powerful yet simple and easy to use business management system - an ERP for small business. A solution that is designed, developed and priced for the needs of small businesses who need strong stock and inventory management, order processing and fulfillment, invoicing, purchasing and CRM that are beyond the capabilities of the vanilla accounting systems that abound in the market today.

In the years since our launch we've grown but we still operate with the agility of a small business and the culture of a dynamic start-up yet with the experience of a decade in successfully delivering our software to small businesses to help them succeed.

The name "Avanti" was originally inspired by this amusing John Smiths TV ad

We focus heavily on collaboration with customers and develop our software based on their feedback, not from ideas dreamt up in the ivory towers of software people. This has enabled us to develop our software to be a unique and customer-driven solution that works for small businesses in the real-world.

Avanti is quite unique in the software world in that we're entirely self-funded and independent. We've never taken a penny in venture capital so we're always focussed on the needs of customers and not on the short-term financial agendas of outside interests. Our only "investors" are our customers and they are always our first priority.

We are Manchester based, born and bred and we're very proud to be part of a growing, exciting and dynamic hub of technology and business innovation. We're not a marketing machine full of software sales people but a team who love developing and delivering software for fast growing small businesses.

The 2020s have started in a tough way for everyone. Whatever the coming years throw at us we have an ambitious strategy to continue to deliver greater value and innovation over this new decade to help our customers to grow and succeed whatever the business environment.