Instant snapshots of the key performance indicators in your business
  • Customisable dashboard - ERP Software


    Choose from over 25 available snapshots to display those which are most important to you on your Dashboard
  • Instant access to KPIs - Avanti Small Business ERP Software


    Displays upto 12 snapshots on your dashboard, showing you instantly the key indicators about the performance of your business
  • Accessible snapshots in Avanti small business ERP software dashboard


    View all of the available snapshots throughout the software at any time, not just when you're viewing the Dashboard
Invoicing & Sales
Simple to use invoicing and in-depth sales tracking
  • Recording sales invoices, quotations, estimates and sales orders is a key part of the day-to-day tasks in your business and Avanti accounting software bends over backwards to help make the invoicing process as quick, flexible and informative as possible.

    You can then keep a full track of your sales information using the many reports and snapshots and also convert your proformas, quotations and estimates into full invoices instantly.

    • Mix product and free-text description lines on the same invoice.
    • Lookup customer, stock, profit & pricing info during entry.
    • Flexible searching to help you find the items you want quickly.
    • Update stock levels automatically.
    • Print & email documents using unlimited invoice layouts.
    • Customise your document layouts using the Document Designer.
    • Create, track & convert sales orders.
    • Automate repeated transactions with recurring invoices.
    • Track the source of your sales with full analysis.

Stock Control

Keep full control of the inventory you hold
  • Avanti's Stock Control facilities enable you to maintain complete control over the inventory you hold. You can store an unlimited number of products and maintain a complete history of stock movements. Get up-to-the minute information on your physical stock levels, what you have on order with your suppliers and the stock allocated to customers on sales orders.

    Reorder stock by generating purchase orders automatically from the Reorder Report and track purchase orders through to receiving. You can see instantly how well specific stock items are selling with powerful sales reports & snapshots.

    Quick stock adjustments can be recorded along with facilities specifically to help you record stock takes. In addition you can maintain up to 3 selling prices per item and allocate a price level to each customer. You can also assign unique prices to individual customers for advanced pricing control.

Sales Order Processing
Flexibly track & process your sales orders through every stage
  • Avanti's Sales Order Processing functionality provides flexible & powerful capabilities to process & track your sales orders through every stage, from order entry to stock allocation to picking through to dispatch and invoicing.

    Part allocate & part dispatch orders and track all dispatches for each order and each item. You can also generate invoices from multiple dispatches for complete flexibility. Produce order acknowledgements, picking lists and delivery/dispatch notes. You also have tracking & analysis for back orders as well as late and unfulfilled orders.

  • With Avanti Sales Order Processing you have complete control over the allocation of stock to your customer orders. You can allocate stock automatically or manually, at order entry or using a batch allocation run where you can allocate by customer priority to ensure your best customers get the available stock first. You can also allocate stock temporarily to non-sales orders eg to quotations or for customer layaways.

    Avanti SOP has the flexibility and power of high-end solutions with the built-in simplicity for small businesses.

Keep a track of all of your customer accounts and debtor status
  • Keep a track of all of your customer information and of who owes you what and when it's due. The simple Customer window gives you key snapshot information of each customer you highlight, including their turnover history, their most recent transactions and the invoices due for payment.

    Quickly see a full history of transactions for each customer, informing you of their status, including their payment due date and aged period. You can print and email customisable statements to customers (current & retrospective) and produce reports such as aged debtors, turnover and your VAT EC sales list plus much more.

Baked-In Customer Relationship Management

The CRM facilities in Avanti enable you to work with your customers, prospects and sales leads all in one place. Raise quotations, estimates & proformas for your sales leads and have them become full customer accounts when you convert transactions into invoices or sales orders.

Keep a full activity record for all of your customers and prospects to record notes about calls or emails & attach documents and files to activities as well as record To-Do activities for your contacts.

Track every aspect of dealing with your suppliers

Ensure that you're always up-to-date with who you need to pay and your overall status with your creditors. Print or email remittance advice notes and produce a wide range of reports such as aged creditors and quickly view snapshots of turnover history and invoices due.

Manage the complete purchasing process from order to invoice
  • The purchasing section in Avanti is a powerful tool for managing the complete purchasing process. You can enter purchase orders containing a mix of products and free-text lines and directly update your stock section (if required) to show you the quantities you have on order with your supplier. You can print or email your orders to your suppliers using your customisable order document layout.

    When you receive delivery you can book the items into stock quickly and easily and automatically record a purchase invoice at that point or later if required. You can also enter purchase invoices directly in circumstances where the order process is not required.

The hub of your accounting system
  • Powerful reporting
  • Flexible Transactions
Doing the VAT is now a breeze

Avanti makes it a breeze to calculate and submit your VAT returns. Avanti is Making Tax Digital recognised and supports the standard, cash accounting and flat rate schemes. The VAT return facility enables you to drill down into your VAT return figures and produce transaction listings for your return to keep everyone happy. It's also very simple to setup for Making Tax Digital to ensure you're compliant with HMRC requirements.

VAT returns - small business accounting software
Manage all of your bank & credit card accounts
  • The bank section in Avanti accounting software enables you to keep a full track of your different bank accounts, loan accounts, credit card accounts and cash.

    • Maintain an unlimited number of bank accounts.
    • Enter payments and receipts to record direct expenses and income.
    • Account reconciliation.
    • Set up and automate recurring transactions for direct debits etc.
    • Quickly and simply record transfers between accounts.
    • Batch enter transactions quickly and simply.

Job Tracking
Easily manage the jobs & projects in your business
  • Avanti's job tracking is a simple and effective way to track the profitability and activity of the jobs or projects carried out in your business.

    You simply create your active jobs and assign the relevant job number to any type of transaction that you enter throughout the system whether it's sales invoices, expenses, purchase invoices etc. You can then view a history of all of the transactions involved in each job and, powerfully, produce a Profit & Loss report specifically for each job.