2021. New Year, New Start.
Wednesday 6th January 2021

Happy New Year to all of our customers and followers! We hope it brings you every success and happiness. We are positive it will be a lot better than the last on every level :)

For us at Avanti, 2021 looks set to be a very exciting year. As of 1st January we have regained our independence to develop, publish and market our software in the way which aligns to the needs of our company and those of our customers.

In 2015 we entered into a publishing partnership, operated under a company which has published the Avanti software until the end of 2020. That agreement has now come to an end and we have brought all publishing, marketing and product decision-making back entirely in-house. We are now free to act and move faster to deliver increased value to customers.

To show our intent we are announcing Avanti Version 4.2, a new update to our software which includes a number of enhancements, performance improvements and fixes including many that were originally reserved for Avanti 5. As an Avanti customer and subscriber, this new update will be dropping into your inbox during January.

Things will be changing rapidly with Avanti in 2021 and we are signalling our intent by releasing this new update straight out-of-the-blocks.

This new update delivers additional value immediately and we also have a lot of developments coming shortly, from MTD to Cloud to Avanti 5, which will move us forward - some of which we've previously discussed :

Making Tax Digital for VAT return submissions is our No.1 priority. Rather than wait to release it with Avanti 5, we're building it into Version 4.x. As soon as the process of recognition is achieved we'll make it available to you without any other constraints.

Avanti 5
Avanti 5 is the "big one" with massive improvements and new features which will be the foundation of our Windows software going forward. It's a huge change that has been developed mostly during 2020 and all that went with it! We are 100% committed to getting it released as soon as possible to ensure you get all of the benefits of a massively improved and scalable business management system.

Bi-Monthly Updates
We're making a commitment to release updates on a bi-monthly basis. Whether that's further updates to Version 4.x or to the upcoming Avanti 5, you'll receive an update to your software every other month at a minimum. Our aim is to deliver rapidly to address customer needs and requirements which our independence allows us to do.

Managed Cloud
We are launching a Managed Cloud solution for Avanti. This enables you to have the current Avanti software you're familiar with running for you in the Cloud to allow remote access to your data from wherever you have an internet connection, ideal for customers who have staff working from home or remotely. All software and data is hosted and managed for you in secure UK-based data centers by one of the largest cloud hosting companies in the UK whom we have partnered with. This solution has already been rolled out very successfully to several customers and we're now making it available to all customers to trial. If you're interested in a fully hosted and managed cloud solution for your Avanti software please contact us.

Aspire is our pure web and cloud-based solution that has been in the pipeline for almost 3 years. Events of 2020 have ground development of Aspire virtually to a standstill, however this is where the majority of our development efforts will be placed in 2021. We don't intend to wait until it has full feature-equivalence with Avanti to make it available to existing and new customers and you will see Aspire released in some form before the end of the 1st half of the year.

Cloudflow is a project to enable some web access to your on-premise Avanti data using a lightweight web app and a small service running on your database server. With the launch of our Managed Cloud solution and the upcoming Aspire, it's difficult to see where this now fits into our plans other than as a stopgap hybrid solution. We have developed some useful technology for Cloudflow that will almost certainly see the light of day in both Avanti and Aspire in time to come. For the time being however, until we see a trend to the contrary, Cloudflow is being put on hold.

We are laser-focussed on these plans and making them available to you as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye out for the Avanti Version 4.2 update in your inbox.