Avanti Hosted Cloud Solution Launched
Wednesday 17th February 2021

We are announcing the launch of our fully hosted and managed Cloud solution for Avanti.

The Avanti managed cloud solution enables you to have the Avanti software you know and use running for you in the cloud.

While we have been working hard over recent years to deliver a cloud-based solution to customers, the world has changed rapidly in the last year and customers need a Cloud solution now - not in 6 months or a year's time so their work-from-home and off-site staff members can use our software remotely.

With this increasing demand we have worked with Manchester-based cloud hosting company, UKFast, to deliver a solution which enables customers to run the Avanti software, that they already know and use, in the cloud.

UKFast is the UK's largest privately-owned cloud company. They have large scale, cutting edge data centres, located in Manchester & London, which are ISO 27001 certified, PCI-compliant and secured to UK government IL4 standards so you can have complete peace of mind that all data is stored and maintained securely and located in the United Kingdom for data sovereignty.

The launch of the hosted cloud offering follows several months of trials with early-adopter customers which have seen a number of highly successful system migrations and implementations for both new and existing customers.

Our managed cloud solution provides a completely hosted solution so all of your Avanti software and data is hosted in the cloud and accessed from any PC which has an internet connection. This enables your team to work remotely from home, from the office, from another site or indeed from anywhere in the world provided an internet connection is available.

You will be using the same Avanti software just as you have been on your current system however access to the software and data is through a Remote Desktop app which enables you to access your cloud server to run Avanti. Besides this, the experience of opening and using Avanti is the same as you experience now. The Remote Desktop app is already installed with Windows so there is nothing to install or setup on each user's PC. The Remote Desktop app is also available for Mac and for Android tablet devices, so you will be able to install it on any of those devices to access Avanti running on the hosted cloud server.

As well as the benefits of anywhere-access to the software and the ability to run a remote, multi-location team on Avanti, the Cloud also abstracts away the need for on-premise IT infrastructure and associated maintenance costs - no in-house server or network, no manual backups, no manual updates etc. It just requires each user to have a PC (or other Remote Desktop compatible device) and an internet connection.

One of the great benefits of the Cloud is our ability to better service and support our customers. With access to your system on the Cloud server, our technical team can securely log-in and review queries directly using the same system you are running so we're able to diagnose and provide resolutions to questions that previously would have been tough to get to the bottom of with disparate on-premise systems.

A cloud system is becoming essential for many businesses and it's vital that we make this available to our customers now. To ensure that this service is as accessible and affordable as possible, we are making it available at a price which solely covers our own costs for the core hosting and managing of your system.

Our aim is to offer the best and most cost-effective Cloud solution for your Avanti solution possible :

  • Access from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Ideal for businesses with staff working from home or other locations.
  • Perfect for multi-location businesses
  • Installed and migrated for you for free so you are ready to go with no fuss
  • Maintained for you securely in the cloud for complete peace of mind.
  • No server computer hardware or network required.
  • No manual IT setup and maintenance required - just an internet connection.
  • Access from PC, Mac, Android tablet or any other Remote Desktop compatible device.
  • Improved support levels with direct support team access

The cost of hosting your Avanti system in the cloud is £15/per user/per month.

To make moving to the Cloud as stress-free and simple as possible we are offering a free service to migrate your on-premise data to the Cloud.

We are onboarding customers to our cloud system right now so if you are interested in migrating your Avanti system to the cloud please contact us at