Batch Stock Price Change Feature
Thursday 18th March 2021

While we focussed on speed and performance in the last update, Version 4.2, we also introduced a couple of handy little enhancements as well. One of these is the facility to be able to perform batch stock price changes by percentage.

This can be done using the existing Multi-Edit option in the Stock section. You multi-select the items from the Stock list that you want to change prices by a set percentage for. Once you've selected the items, right-click and select the Multi-Edit option from the pop-up menu as below.

When the Multi-Edit Stock window opens, you will see percent buttons by each of the three sales price boxes as well as the cost price box.

If you now click the % button next to the price you want to update, you can enter the percentage you want to increase the items' price by. If you wanted to decrease the prices by a percentage then you would enter it as a minus value.

Once you've entered the percentages to change the specific price(s) by, click OK and confirm that they are the changes you want to make to all of the selected items.

Click OK and you've done it! All of the selected items will have their prices updated with the changes you've made. Easy right?

We hope this will make life easier for you when you next have to make batch percentage price changes to your stock records.